April Co-Dependency Workshop

This 4-day workshop is to work at an intuitive emotional level to gain new insights into the patterns that have shaped codependent behaviors. This workshop could help:

  • Learn more about family/relationship dynamics
  • Learn how we were taught and teach others to be codependent and the path to change this behavior
  • Explore generational patterns and the need to take care of others
  • Create balanced self care
  • Identify underlying beliefs and feelings around care taking
  • Learn to build/create trust
  • Recognize and label self-defeating codependent patterns
  • Gain insight understanding around codependency
  • Recognize how religious behaviors can embrace codependency
  • Explore and address trauma issues
  • Explore how sexual abuse can create pattens of codependency
  • Understand codependency patterns in relationships and addictions
  • Recognize self worth, self esteem and codependent patterns
  • Practice establishing and maintaining boundaries with codependency

Where:Terra Sancta, Rapid City http://terrasancta.org/retreat-center/

When:         Friday, April 24 @ 8:30 am thru Monday, April 27, 2015 @ 4:00 pm

Cost:            $2,200 includes workshop, food and lodging

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