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In this season of change, my wife Liz and I are excited to announce a big change for both Jetson Counseling and Thorn Counseling; we’ve moved! We’re still in Rapid City, of course, and very excited about the change. Our new location at 1301 West Omaha Street Suite 220 (between Office Depot and Pancheros on Omaha Street), allows us to offer our clients more effective space and more privacy in addition to improved parking and overall accessibility. With just Liz and I in the space, and the layout is much more conducive to our purposes with our clients. For Jetson Counseling in particular, the new location also offers a much bigger group therapy space – almost twice the size – and a nice window with a view from the second floor.

It really is a wonderful change for us and we are thrilled to share our new space and resources with you as we hear more about how you are enjoying your own season of change!

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