Dave is one of a limited number of individuals in the country who are trained to help others explore and heal money issues in his role as a financial counselor. He has developed an original Financial Therapy Program Workshop using real money exercises, in which he is able to counsel individuals as they embark on a path of financial recovery and exploration, including thoughts and feelings regarding complex money issues.

The Financial Recovery Program Workshop was created out of a need from clients to better understand the deeper underlying motivations that cause them to interact with money in different fashions. Since every financial decision that is made is driven by underlying feelings and emotions, it’s important to be aware of the feelings and emotions to make more sound decisions. When we understand the underlying feelings that drive our financial decisions we can become empowered in the decision-making process. The Financial Recovery Program Workshop was designed to help people have the freedom and ability to make healthy choices around their financial decisions.

This workshop has a number of exercises that requires each participant to bring a minimum of $20.00. Each exercise involves money interactions that will be fun, exciting, and insightful. Every day many direct and indirect decisions that impact our financial health are made with feelings we may not be totally aware of or where they originate. This workshop is designed to help each participant see as much as they want to see around the feelings that drive their financial decisions. Exploration of these feelings will help bring many of the subconscious decisions around finances to the forefront. These decisions can then be made on a more conscious objective level with balanced outcomes.

This workshop is intended for anyone who is uncomfortable with the way they interact with money and finances, would like to understand the underlying triggers, and create an alternate path for a more positive and healthy response.