One technique used while addressing various mental health issues is Intuitive Experiential Therapy. Intuitive Experiential Therapy is a technique used to help people connect with themselves and their bodies on a deeper level. Most of us have been taught to live and approach life in a more cognitive (cerebral) fashion, meaning we attempt to figure out what’s going on in order to make changes in our life.

With every individual that Jetson Counseling has worked with, Dave and Liz have found that trying to figure things out has minimal impact on the way they are feeling. Research has shown that to truly make significant changes in the way a person interacts or feels, a person should not figure something out. Rather, they must feel it out to resolve the feelings that continue to create the emotional pain in their lives. Intuitive Experiential Therapy goes beyond talk therapy and helps a person connect with and feel what their body is attempting to tell them. While our words lie all the time, our body does not. Intuitive Experiential Therapy helps a person connect with their emotional truth, so they can work through those issues and feelings and let them go if they wish.

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