Financial Therapy Workshop

Rick from Kahler Financial Group and Dave from Jetson Counseling are partnering to create a financial therapy workshop. This workshop will help participants understand the emotional obstacles that impede healthy financial decisions. Individuals and/or couples will be given an opportunity to explore the feelings and emotions behind their financial decisions.  Emotional triggers that impede healthy financial decisions will be explored to create new patterns that allow positive movement around finances. Participants may explore self defeating patterns such as spending, giving, hoarding, investing, shopping etc. that could be creating difficulties in their relationships and finances..

The cost of the workshop is $2,950, which includes lodging and food.  The workshop is at Onsite Workshops, Cumberland Furnace, TN (near Nashville) and starts Sunday, Oct 16th at 7pm and runs to Thursday, Oct 20th until around noon.  If you act by September 20th, we will give you the early bird discount of $2,395.  You can sign up here or call Rick at 605-343-1400 x111 or Dave at 605-718-5500.

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