To Kiss a Moose


I find vacations important, fun and exciting. This summer Liz and I decided to go to Alaska to visit our son and his girlfriend who live up there. We had a great time appreciating the beauty and vastness that Alaska has to offer. We saw three bears when we were there—all in our son’s yard.

But though we hunted high and low, we saw no moose. In desperation to see a moose, we visited a wonderful reindeer farm that had one. Since Liz and I enjoy trying new and different things, we both volunteered when we were offered the opportunity to kiss the moose. With the end of the moose’s nose as large as my head, it was a little intimidating even though the process was set up in a way to be safe.

We were invited to stick a carrot in our mouth and go up to the fence where the moose would come and eat the carrot out of our mouth. Both Liz and I were successful. We found it rather enjoyable, other than the face full of slobber from the moose. His nose was soft and gentle. Both Liz and I were touched and connected with the moose in a special way that we will remember.

I hope some day you might have the opportunity to kiss your safe moose as well.


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