Valentines Day Love Sparks

It was 15 years ago at a Valentines dance that I first saw and met Liz, my wife. For this reason Valentine’s Day is special for us. As the years pass, the question is how do we keep the love and spark alive in our relationship with each other.

Early in a relationship, it’s easy to create a romantic spark. As the years go by, creating the spark can be more difficult. Doing the same thing all the time takes the spark out, so how do we come up with new ideas of showing our partners how important they are to us?

While big ideas can be great, small things can be even more important. Ideas that seem to create the greatest spark in a relationship are ones that involve thinking about and investing in that thought so the other person feels special and loved.

Some romantic ideas to consider may include:

  • Coming home with a rose in your mouth as a way to kiss and give the rose
  • Hiding favorite chocolates in unexpected places that are easily found
  • Cleaning the house
  • Making a candlelight dinner for two
  • Create Shania Twain’s “Party for Two”
  • Make a special dinner together
  • Have a dance party for two
  • Call and leave a message of a kiss only
  • Listen without comments, criticism or attempts to fix
  • Write a poem or love letter
  • Create an adventure together
  • Create time to share all the wonderful qualities you recognize in the other person
  • Set a date to do things your partner enjoys doing and than another date to do what you like to do
  • Make a special visit to the place you met, proposed, honeymooned or some other special spots
  • Search the Internet for other romantic ideas

Hopefully Valentine’s Day will be special for you and your sweetheart. To help make it special, if you have any romantic ideas, please add them by responding to this blog.

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