Trauma and Abuse Counseling comes in many forms, and is entirely unique as it varies from each individual. At Jetson Counseling, Trauma and Abuse Coaching does not include substance abuse addictions. Rather, it is focused on these areas of counseling:

  • Physical Abuse. Physical abuse is the act of one individual inflicting feelings of physical pain, injury, suffering, or bodily harm on another party.
  • Emotional Abuse. Emotional abuse manifests from a lack of support from others, and can often times prove more damaging than physical abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse. Sexual abuse can come in many forms, and refers to undesired sexual behavior by one person to another. It can include non-consensual sexual behavior such as rape and assault, unwanted touching, exposure to pornography, making sexually suggestive remarks, incest, and the manipulation of a position of trust to initiate otherwise unwanted sexual activity.
  • Ritual Abuse. Ritual abuse addresses behaviors that were often times initiated during childhood, and have grown to cause stress and anxiety. For instance, being forced to stand in a corner for extended periods of time could result in a form of ritual abuse.
  • Religious Abuse. Religious abuse refers to any abuse that is administered under the semblance of religion and can include psychological trauma, harassment or humiliation.
  • Abandonment. Most individuals have experienced a form of abandonment at some point in their lives. Abandonment can include feeling alone, rejected, isolated, and hiding from one’s emotions.
  • Disability. Disability abuse and trauma occurs when an individual is attacked or harassed for their disability and the differences is may create.

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