Equine Workshop – Feb. 1

Horses are special animals in many ways. Horses are truth tellers with participants and help them better see and understand themselves. This workshop will:

  •   Explore first impressions we create and may not be aware of them
  •   Explore emotional patterns that limits our interactions with others
  •   Help us see the part we hide from ourselves only
  •   Explore how our emotional truth
  •   Explore how we hide our true feelings
  •   Explore patterns we have created in our lives that are helps and hindrances
  •   Explore unnecessary limitations we place upon ourselves
  •   Explore emotional triggers that keep the people we love at a distance
  •   Explore options to reset emotional levels to a healthy state
  •   Explore how special and lovable we are
  •   Explore the benefits and payoffs with connecting with our emotional truth
  •  Explore how special

Where:   Rapid City, South Dakota
When:     Monday, February 1 @ 8:30 am thru
Monday, February 1 @ 4:00 pm
Cost:       $600 per person


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