Innate Optimism

Has anyone ever told you to be more positive and optimistic? Maybe you’ve tried exercises meant to help you become more optimistic, like creating a list of 20 positive characteristics and telling them to yourself every day.

Exercises like this may be fruitful. Yet when I have felt down, these exercises seemed too much like work and were ineffective in bringing up my optimism. If anything, this forced optimism irritated me.

Our emotional history, trauma, not being validated, and not being heard, are all contributors to a pessimistic attitude. The core and essence of who we are always tends to be optimistic. When we allow ourselves to work through our emotional issues that create a pessimistic attitude and get to our emotional core, we naturally become more optimistic.

When we are willing to go deep enough and connect with our emotional truth, our outlook and perceptions start to naturally shift to a more positive, optimistic state of being. This does not mean that we are always happy, joyous, and free with our optimism. What it does mean is that we have the opportunity to live life in emotional honesty, which is naturally more realistic and optimistic.

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