Group counseling is helpful for individuals to connect with their issues quicker and at a deeper level than just individual counseling. Typically, the emotional progress that can be made in one group session equates to 6 to 8 individual sessions. Group counseling creates mini-social environments that can mirror the feelings the group members want to explore and work through.

The goal of group counseling is to help individuals connect with themselves and the underlying reasons that motive certain behaviors. Through the connections made, new options are presented that help reform and change the person’s life.
Group counseling will address the issues that the group members present. Some of the issues may include and are not limited to: all forms of abuse, trauma, relationship, codependency, addictions, trust, depression and anxiety.

Each group is experiential in nature, which means that they are an action oriented model of therapy that goes beyond what many “talk” therapies access. The group will use a variety of active techniques, education and group processing to provide a safe environment for self-discovery, practicing new behaviors, setting new boundaries, avoiding distractions and being nurtured. Join us for a life changing experience.

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