Our Pearl of Great Worth

What do you see when you look in the mirror? When given the chance, many people do not like to or even see themselves in the mirror. They may give many reasons, most of which ultimately relate to their not liking themselves in different ways. They look at themselves with emotionally distorted glasses that show them how “bad” or “ugly” they are, when just the opposite is true.

How we see ourselves typically is not based upon reality or even the truth, it is based upon what we have been taught to believe in many different ways. Many of the things we have been taught are based upon differences we present to others, mistakes we have made, misbehaviors or poor judgment—yet none of these relate to who we actually are.

Most of us have no idea who we really are because we have learned to wear many emotional masks as a way of letting others see what we believe they want to see. These masks are also designed to keep us from seeing who we actually are. They hide our true selves. This can be seen by many movie stars and singers who are beautiful and talented, yet see themselves differently.

When we are willing to work through the self-deceit that we were taught at an early age, we can open the door to our emotional truth. Most of us believe the place where we need to go to connect with our emotional truth is “the dark side” of ourselves.We’re terrified to go there. The reality is that “the dark side” is a part of us that was created to cope with what life has thrown at us and is a blockade that prevents us from getting to our emotional truth.

When we are willing to connect with our emotional truth that allows us to see who we really are, what we find is something different than we have imagined. We find that our true feelings hurt no one, including ourselves, and they hurt nothing of importance. We also find that we are respectful of ourselves and those around us. When we connect with our emotional truth, we also have no negative messages about ourselves or others.

We actually find that we have a pearl of great worth within ourselves that we were born with and at some level are always seeking to get back to. When we connect with this pearl, we connect with the truth of who we are. This is a place that few people actually see in themselves because they have learned very well to hide it. Our invitation is to realize that when we put ourselves down and engage in any form of disrespect, we are not connecting with our true selves and our pearl of great worth.

We are not what we do, we just are. Our true beauty is also within ourselves, and we all have our own unique beauty when we are willing to find it. The question is whether we are willing to find the emotional truth that allows us to see and to live as the true pearl of great worth that we are made to be.

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