Pre Nazrudin Retreat Workshop – Integrating Financial Coaching into your Practice

Information from Nazrudin down under:

Rick Kahler CFP® a highly regarded and well known Financial Planner in the USA He has written a number of books; “Conscious Finance”, “Facilitating Financial Health”, “Wired for Wealth” and the Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge”. He has appeared on national Television and National Radio. He has a fee for service practice and has been using a Financial Coach, Dave Jetson, successfully with his clients.

Both David and Rick bring a wealth of information about the practical realities of working with another professional in your practice with clients in order to get the through the many real and imagined barriers they may have that prevents them from moving forward with their plans.

“Many times clients come in as a result of a life transitional event which rightly or wrongly creates a certain level of anxiety that they may or may not be aware of. They have good intentions of working with a Financial Planner but don’t really know what the planner actually does and how they can help them and add value to their lives.”

Preconceived beliefs, attitudes, fears and anxieties can impede communications and outcomes. Getting through the emotional aspects of a client’s circumstance so that they can make a confident financial decision requires skill, education and training. Invariably clients need to change their behavior and attitude in order to move forward.

Financial coaching was developed to help create positive change in the clients follow through to help achieve their financial objective’s.

This one-day workshop will explore what financial coaching is and create a number of scenarios to help participants see, experience and feel the powerful impact that financial coaching has to offer and explore ways to implement it in to your practice.

Financial coaching is where the CFP and counseling coach work in conjunction with each other in the same room with the client. The CFP will explore the numbers and data while the coach monitors body language to see where emotional obstacles impact the financial decisions. When an obstacle is found the coach will shift the situation to help the client move forward. The coach is also available to explore emotional issues that halt forward movement and explore ways to remove the emotional obstacles.

An example of financial coaching is with John and Susan who were at odds with each other for seven years about how to structure their retirement plan and how to divide the inheritance when they pass away. In one two hour financial coaching session, forward movement allowed them to create a positive solution was found that they could walk away with and even talk to each other about, which was significant since in the past they could not talk about this issue without fighting.

This workshop will help explore the steps to consider in finding a coach to partner with, techniques, tools and processes to interact seamlessly in a session with the client and coach. This workshop will also explore the payoffs and returns that are gained in this process.

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