Setting True Boundaries


How to Create Respect, Safety and Freedom in Relationships
by Dave Jetson

Do you feel like people don’t respect you? Maybe they ignore what you want or just take advantage of you. When that happens, life doesn’t seem fair. But a sense of fairness can exist between you and everyone in your life when you learn to set true boundaries. Dave Jetson, a licensed professional counselor, has made a career out of helping people set boundaries. Now, in Setting True Boundaries, he will share with you the strategies his clients have used to transform their relationships and find peace of mind. In this book, you will learn what true boundaries are and the components that actually create trust, safety, and respect. When true boundaries are in place, the need for yelling, complaining, and criticizing no longer exists. Here you will learn the difference between a punishment/reward system, walls, and consequences. You will learn how boundaries with consequences create trust, safety, respect, and less tension. Step-by-step, Dave Jetson will take you through the process of boundary setting with questions and exercises. While boundary setting may initially sound scary and difficult, once you commit to setting that first boundary, you will be amazed by how the tension leaves your interactions and how your relationships strengthen.

ISBN 9781947937277

209 pages

Hardcover $24.95

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