The Power of “No”

One of the first words a child learns is “No.” This word is powerful. Its impact creates a pattern for some people that prevents them from doing anything. For others, it creates a situation where they do everything because they are unable to say “No.” In either case we learn not to matter enough to do what we might actually want to do. Instead, we remain stuck or do projects we had no intention of doing.

At one time I fit in the group that could not say “No” and was very busy. Today Liz gets concerned that I could easily go down that path again, so she helps me discern the pros and cons of saying “Yes” or “No.” While I tend to keep a full schedule, I am not overwhelmed as I was when I could not say “No.”

“No” is a complete sentence and can be very helpful and healthy to use in this busy world. “No” sets limits and creates needed and necessary space to take care of ourselves. I hope you can say a healthy “No” this week.

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