Financial Patterns Explored in Workshop

What is money and why do we place so much importance on it? We all have our perceptions of what money is and what it represents, yet how many of those perceptions are accurate?

Jetson Counseling has partnered with Kahler Financial Group to co-facilitate the Financial Wellness Workshop to help participants explore financial patterns and learn how our history around money affects every financial decision we make.

This workshop will help participants recognize deeply held beliefs and patterns around money that they may not be consciously aware of. Yet these patterns affect their financial decisions in ways that do not positively serve them. The Financial Wellness Workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more about the cognitive aspects of finances such as spending, saving, investment management, diversification, asset management, budgets verses spending plans, and financial planning. At the same time, it will help participants explore the emotional aspect of finances, identifying the subconscious patterns and beliefs about money that may be blocking their success. Workshop sessions will offer opportunities to work through some of these subconscious issues, giving participants new options in dealing with finances.

The workshop sessions provide information from both logical and emotional perspectives, allowing participants to explore their money patterns in a safe, unique, creative, and fun environment.

The workshop will start on Thursday, April 14, 2011, at 5:00 pm and end by 12:00 noon on Sunday, April 17. It will be held at the Angostura Lake House near Hot Springs, South Dakota, which is about an hour drive from the Rapid City Regional Airport. The cost is $2,150 per person and includes food and lodging.

If your patterns of interacting with money and finances create discomfort, guilt, confusion, or a lack of understanding, the Financial Wellness Workshop can help. For more information or to register, contact us at (605) 718-5500, Kahler Financial Group or Jetson Counseling.

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