Freedom From Negative Self-Talk

Many of us continually tell ourselves how bad and worthless we are, yet the truth is different. This workshop was created to help people work through the issues related to this negative self-talk. This workshop will:

  • Explore the origins of the negative messages we tell ourselves
  • Explore the truth around the negative self-talk and how negative messages do not represent the truth
  • Explore the truth that sets us free from the negative self-talk
  • Explore how we were taught to believe the negative messages we tell our self
  • Explore what the negative self-talk has taken from us
  • Create emotional freedom from the negative self-talk
  • Recognize choices we have around the negative self-talk
  • Explore ways to create more self-trust in our lives
  • Explore the patterns associated with negative self-talk
  • Explore our beliefs around our distorted self
Where:        Red Lodge, Montana
Cost:            $1,600.00            Deposit: $800.00
When:         Thursday, May 19 thru Sunday, May 22

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