Dave is an amazing leader. His intuitive skills are right on and his depth of character is an inspiration. I learned so much from his patience and caring. He is a beautiful human.

Dave was able to pull emotions out of me I didn’t know existed. He is very special and I cannot find the words to express my gratitude.

Dave has a wonderful gift of discernment! He was a gift to our group. He was able to move to people as they needed to do work and he never forgot to come back to someone. Thank you for using him – he was worth the money.

Dave helped me to feel safe to allow body recall that I was unaware of and work through the abuse and release the pain. I have done a lot of recovery work with in the last 12 years and have not made as much progress as I have in the last six days. Dave is an excellent therapist and I’m grateful for the life changing experience. Thank you Dave.

Dave exceeded all of my expectations. His dedication and awareness of everyone’s needs helped the group so much. I appreciated Dave’s enthusiasm and energy for everyone’s work. He was incredibly creative and aware of all that was going on at all times. Dave taught the importance of connecting with the body and the physical feelings and getting out of the head. It was an honor and privilege to be in Dave’s group. He took us where we needed to go and beyond. Excellent! Thank you.

Dave allowed me to sit in my style and be or act in absolutely anyway I needed. I’ve never experienced so little judgment from another human being and that kept me safe while also showing me my judgment issues.

I can’t say enough! I was already in a group and individual experiential therapy and Dave had such a gift with how to gently pull so much from us with so few words. Truly remarkable.

Dave was amazing – he knew when to push us, when to be patient, when to question us and when to have fun. He’s very real and wonderful role model. He allowed us to grow as much as we were able, while letting us know it is all part of the journey.

Dave is obviously very experienced in his training. He knows exactly how to reach each person at their own level. He doesn’t ever put his opinions or judgments in the role play. He just asks questions and lets each person come up with their own answer.

The best of the best – Having to deal with my sexual abuse there could not have been a better person for me other than Dave.

Dave was incredible. Pages from his own story freely shared – willingness to address issues instantly – ability to change course abruptly as clinical movement required – taught by repetition – gave memorable examples – very clever and insightful use of props – sense of humor – very helpful in allowing fears – Dave is an obviously well trained, happy therapist – Very very keen & effective, experienced – my experience could not have been better!

Dave is a miracle worker. HE was able to instantly connect with the group. Dave has been there that is what made it real to me. He opened up my mind. Dave changed my life.

Dave is an outstanding person, teacher and “doctor”.